Taylor McKnight writes about how individuals and communities can build a solarpunk future – a future that is healthier, closer to nature, and more connected.

What is solarpunk? Solarpunk started out as a speculative fiction subgenre, like cyberpunk. It is a vision of a future in which people leverage modern technology and knowledge to build a world that is more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.
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Micro guides
Practical tips for navigating modern life and creating a future that is healthier, closer to nature, and more connected

Macro essays
Possible futures we can build together

  • Solarpunk as a brand guide for individuals and communities
  • Solarpunk houses can come in many flavors
  • Solarpunk third spaces can come in many flavors
  • Solarpunk communities can come in many flavors
  • An augmented earth can be extraordinary

Solarpunk stories
Personal goals of exploration and experimentation

McKnight is VP of Design at Industry Dive, a business journalism publisher with 26 publications in 23 industries, 12M readers, 100 journalists, and nearly $100M in annual revenue. After joining Industry Dive as a marketing intern in 2012, McKnight built a 22-member global design department. The department's three teams – Product Design, Brand & Marketing Design, and studioID Design (content marketing design) – work remotely, and their staff are spread across many time zones. In 2020, Industry Dive's design department was recognized as the publishing industry's Design Team of the Year by Folio.

The views McKnight expresses on this website, in his newsletter, and elsewhere online do not reflect the views of his employer.

While studying the impact of the internet on society at The London School of Economics in 2012, McKnight was inspired to jump from the social sciences to the startup world. After completing his MSc in Global Politics, he joined Industry Dive, an 11-month-old business media company, as employee #5 and taught himself the fundamentals of product design, graphic design, and front-end web development.

Early life
McKnight grew up in a small town in rural, eastern North Carolina.

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